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Curtido Recipe (El Salvador Cabbage Salad) || Glen & Friends Cooking

This is our interpretation of Curtido; a cabbage salad recipe from El Salvador. Now as most recipes do, the ingredients will change in different regions and even between families on the same street. So feel free to make changes and really make this recipe your own. This is a recipe that really benefits from a day or two in the fridge before serving. Ingredients: 1 medium head red or green cabbage, sliced thinly 2 medium carrots, shredded 1 small red or white onion, sliced thinly 1/2 cup white vinegar (or pineapple vinegar) 1/2 cup water 1 tsp. oregano 1 tsp. crushed red pepper flakes salt to taste 4 cups boiling water for blanching. Use our Pineapple vinegar:  Method: Thinly slice the cabbage and onion Shred the carrots Place in a large heat proof bowl and pour the boiling water overtop to blanch – 5 minutes. Meanwhile mix the remaining ingredients in a small heat proof bowl. Heat Vinegar mixture in microwave for 1 minute. Drain cabbage, carrot, onion mixture. Stir vinegar mixture into cabbage mixture. Move to an airtight container, and store in the fridge. Variations: Substitute pineapple vinegar for the white vinegar, if you can find it. You can also add any of the following: 1 tsp. brown sugar pickled jalapeno chile 1 tsp oil

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